What is a Sugar Baby & How to Be a Sugar Baby

What is a Sugar BabyAre you curious about the new term 'sugar baby'? This article will show you what exactly this term means! Better still, you will know whether you should be a sugar baby or not!

A sugar baby is an attractive person in a romantic relationship who receives gifts, cash or other benefits in exchange for being in the relationship. This relationship is also called an 'arrangement' or 'sugaring'. The sugar baby's partner is called a 'sugar daddy' or a 'sugar momma' and is usually older and richer than the sugar baby.

The sugaring trend is becoming more and more popular in western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Of course, it's equally popular in eastern countries such as China and Malaysia. Many university students, models and actresses choose to become sugar babies so that they can enjoy finer things in life at a young age. This is also a great way to avoid student loans and find a fast-track to career success.

The most successful sugar baby dating website is SeekingArrangement which has more than 10 million in its members, i.e. approximately 42% of its users are university students, and nearly 1 million of them are in the United States. Obviously, more and more people use sugar daddy websites to find sugar daddies/sugar babies.

How sugar babies use the allowance they receive: According to a survey, 36% of their allowance is used to pay tuition fees and 23% is used to pay rent. The rest is spent on text books, clothes, transport, and so forth.

Based on the above information, now you can decide whether being a sugar baby is a right option for you.

How to Be a Successful Sugar Baby

Being a sugar baby is easy, but being a successful sugar baby requires some intelligence and techniques. Here, you will learn how to be a good sugar baby so that your arrangement will be the most rewarding relationship in the world.

Know the difference between emotions and facts. Don’t bring your emotional baggage to your arrangement. Your sugar daddy or sugar momma doesn't necessarily have a lot of energy to devote all his/her money, time, resources and affection to you. Therefore, you need to learn how to be independent and enjoy yourself. Don't expect your sugar daddy/momma to introduce you to his/her friends or family. There is a difference between a relationship and an arrangement.

Have the right expectations. Your sugar daddy/momma wants to have a no-string-attached relationship, which means you shouldn't get attached to him/her. You will know what you should expect from the very beginning of the arrangement because your sugar daddy/momma should set up the appropriate terms and conditions with you from the start.

Clarify what you want. Keep a sugar journal, i.e. a notebook which records what you want and assesses whether your sugar daddy/momma has satisfied you or not. This also helps you to keep things in perspective and separate your emotions from your sugar relationship. If you want your sugar daddy/momma to invest in your start-up, you should let him/her know because nobody can read your mind.

Know what your sugar daddy/momma wants. Many sugar babies tend to make this mistake: They give their partners what they want, instead of what their partners want. As a successful sugar baby, you would be well-advised to analyze what your sugar daddy/momma really wants and give him/her what he/she wants, as opposed to what you want.

Remember the above-mentioned four principles, and you’ll become an excellent sugar baby! In this way, you will be able to find a sugar daddy in record time.

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