Top 7 Tips for an Aspiring Sugar Baby

Aspiring Sugar BabyFor any young, attractive woman who aspires to be a sugar baby, it’s wise to be well prepared; it’s even smarter to know exactly what you are likely to be getting yourself into.

After all, most women are not simply going to wake up one morning and decide there and then to be a sugar baby to an older, wealthy sugar daddy. It’s something which needs a lot of thought and preparation... and, so, to you help you on your way here are seven great tips to ensure you get the most of your new career as a coveted sugar baby!

For any aspiring sugar baby good grooming and always presenting well are essentials - it goes without saying that a wealthy sugar daddy looking for an attractive young women to be a sugar baby by his side will expect her to be nicely made-up, well dressed and having good manners. It’s best to start sooner than later making sure that you fit these sorts of requirements if you wish to enjoy sugaring!

There are now so many sugar baby websites out there that it’s vital to do some research and select a suitable website to help you look for the right sugar daddy. Not only should the site you pick be easy to use, but it should also have a high percentage of active sugar daddies as users - and, ideally, with most located in your city or part of the country. It’s also worth to check out if you need to pay any subscriptions or fees or whether there are any special promotions or fee waivers for aspiring sugar babies just like you!

Once you have chosen the site which is right for you, make sure you complete your profile as fully as you can and add a sufficient number of high quality photos showing you in different outfits and enhancing your best features. As it’s often said, first impressions count the most - so look good, and get out there on the site and wow a potential sugar daddy or two!

One of the beauties of online sugar daddy sugar baby dating is that it allows both parties to get to know each other as well as you can in advance of actually meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions of your potential sugar daddy as you wish. Find out about his motivations for seeking a sugar baby, his expectations and some of his likes and dislikes. The more you can find out the better, as this will give both sides a good platform for the proposed arrangement or relationship.

The next tip is to remind aspiring sugar babies to clearly agree the basics of your arrangement. Try to leave nothing to chance and make sure that there will be no unexpected surprises along the way. Ensure as far as possible that, if a monthly cash or travel allowance or payment of tuition fees is mentioned by your sugar daddy, then the amount(s) is specified; if gifts are talked about, try to establish what they will be, at least the monetary value. Don’t be shy in coming forward as this is a mutually beneficial arrangement we are taking about not, at least to begin with, a romance!

Many sugar babies lead a double life, not telling their friends or family members that they are moonlighting as another persona. It’s prudent to keep your private or other life as private as you possibly can, especially if you don’t plan to be a sugar baby for the longer term. Keep your social circle of friends separate to your sugar daddy’s circle of friends, unless you are one of the very few sugar babies who actually plan to end up in a long term romantic relationship with her sugar daddy!

The last tip: always be safe! If the sugar daddy site you have chosen to join verifies the sugar daddy’s details, all the better; if not, do your best to make sure the man you are talking to is who he says he is. Ask for a passport copy or driving licence, or at least something to prove his identity. Tell someone where you are going and who with - ideally, some other sugar baby or someone who has your confidence. If you are in any doubt, don’t go to meet him!

With the huge growth in young women aspiring to be sugar babies to wealthy sugar daddies, it’s necessary for any new baby to always keep in mind that this is a commercial arrangement… not a love-story - at least to begin with.

So, when you have actually made your decision to offer some sugar, read our 7 great tips over again before you start your search...

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