Interview with Sugar Baby Valerie: Insights and Experiences

Today we have interviewed a very experienced and successful sugar baby Valerie from Sydney. She has some very helpful insights to share with women who are looking for a sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Experience

Q: Could you tell us how to start the initial phase of sugar relationships?

A: At the beginning, the best advice I would give is to find a sugar daddy that you are actually attracted to. That’s a good way to get started. Of course, you also need to make sure that the sugar daddy can meet your specific needs.

Q: How should we communicate with our sugar daddies about what we want?

A: The beauty of a sugar relationship is efficiency and absence of drama. So you should be straightforward and tell your sugar daddy what you expect. A great way to discuss it with your sugar daddy is to ask his expectations by negotiating how much time you are willing to spend with him per week and what activities you are going to do with him. Then you can tell him your expectations such as allowance, gifts and shopping sprees.

Q: How specific should the terms and conditions be?

A: Your terms and conditions with your sugar daddy should be as specific as possible. For instance, you need to clarify things like where to meet each week, how long you stay with him per week, what activities you can do together, whether you and he can appear together in public, when you will receive allowance/gifts, and how long this relationship will last. Make sure you stick to these terms and conditions.

Q: In your experiences, what are the great benefits of being a sugar baby?

A: Actually, there are many more other benefits besides receiving allowance. My sugar daddies not only paid my tuition fees, but also used their connections, network, influence and expertise to help me become very successful in my career. Now I’m doing very well in my industry because of my sugar relationships. That has saved me at least 20 years.

Q: How do you manage your emotions and feelings in a sugar relationship?

A: Always remember that mutual benefits are way more important than romance in a sugar relationship. I always keep a journal in which I write down things like “Am I getting everything I expect? What’s my Plan B?” So I always have something else on the side, e.g. a day job, another sugar daddy, etc. I love having more security in life.

Q: Please tell us a unique experience that you have had.

A: I was with a sugar daddy who didn’t even want sex! My relationship with him was amazing - he only needed me to spend time with him, i.e. going to fancy restaurants for dinner, watching movies together, going to a luxurious spa for the weekend, etc. He gave me AU$3000 every second Thursday. So I basically had lots of fun while getting paid! Relaxing and perfect!

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