How I Received $50,000 without Meeting a Sugar Daddy in Person

As an online sugar baby, I joined the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site in January 2018 and now I've already received more than $50,000 without meeting my sugar daddy in person. You'll know how I did it by reading my story below.

Sugar Baby Receives Money

  • My online sugar baby story: I saw a sugar daddy dating website on TV and decided to try it because I needed money, but I never want to work my face off and look tired or ugly. Therefore, I immediately joined that sensational sugar daddy site and became an online sugar baby. My experience is a bit different from most sugar babies' experiences as I only want to get allowance by offering cyber sex without meeting any sugar daddy in person. And you know what? It works. In my dating profile, I simply clarify what I can do: I’m able to offer any type of cyber satisfaction, but I won't meet with any sugar daddy in person. Within one week, five men contacted me. Among these five rich men, four of them looked very sincere, so I kept talking to these four rich guys. Two of them wanted me to offer phone sex, but I never give my phone number to anyone online, so I said no to them. One of them wanted to see me having sex with my boyfriend on camera, but I don't have a boyfriend, so I also said no to him. Then I only have one option - this millionaire guy just wants to have cyber sex with me, which is perfect.
  • Yet how do I get paid? My sugar daddy and I started an arrangement which works like this: Every week, I use web camera to have cyber sex with him for three times. We see each other on Skype at 10pm on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Basically, I am an actress who knows how to fake orgasm on camera. Well, strictly speaking, I know how to masturbate while the wealthy guy is also on camera with me. He pays me $300 per session (one session lasts for about one hour). I guess this is a very high-profile guy who doesn't want to reveal his privacy either; thus, he also prefers having cyber-sex with a sugar baby without meeting anyone in person. Most importantly, he can afford this. Because he pays me well, I always make sure he is fully satisfied physically, mentally and emotionally - I read every book about how to make men happy sexually, and I've definitely implemented a lot of techniques such as verbalizing how I feel during the "intercourse" and moaning better. I used to be a dubbing specialist for adult movies, so this online gig is easy for me to do.
  • More about the sugar allowance: Since my sugar daddy gives me allowance via PayPal, he doesn't know my real name (he only has my email address which is linked to my PayPal). I don't think he wants to tell me his real name either because he is a very private person (and probably quite famous in his industry). As he is very rich and generous, he also gives me a bonus regularly. For instance, he always remembers to give me extra money on Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year. That's why I have already received over $50,000 from him within one year. Clearly, this online sugar baby gig brings me enough money, so I don't think I'll need a day job anymore - I'm already an entrepreneur.

Currently, I'm still employed (I actually have a part-time job), but I think I can quit my job in 2019 and live a sugar lifestyle full-time.

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