Celebrity Sugar Babies: There's More than You Think

Melanie HamrickTo most people, when you mention the words sugar baby they almost always think of a university or college student who is struggling to complete her education on limited financial means, and so turn to a sugar daddy for financial aid and support. Or maybe they think of a recently qualified young woman trying to get established in her career but aspiring to have the finer things in life as soon as possible - and so she looks through sugar baby dating sites trying to find a suitable sugar daddy.

Yet the reality is that sugar babies come in all shapes and size; there are sugar babies of all ages and from all educational backgrounds - and sugar baby dating has been around for as long as long as older, wealthy men have looked for and dated young attractive women. Such so called age-gap dating is also not confined to the average wealthy man; no, indeed, many multi-millionaires, celebrities and pop stars, sports personalities and so on will inevitably seek a sugar baby or two during the course of their lifetime. They might not all use one of the popular sugar baby dating sites to find a sugar baby, but the strong desire to find a young attractive companion will lead potential sugar daddies to use whatever channels they can to achieve their goals.

Before we look at some well-known, celebrity sugar babies (and whilst there is no hard and fast definition of what it means to be a sugar baby), let's try to consider some key facets of this term: a sugar baby may be a young attractive woman looking for financial stability with an older, wealthy man who can offer companionship, sponsorship or mentorship, expensive gift items such as cars or apartments, a glamorous life style, trips nationally or overseas, to his sugar baby. Our sugar baby may or may not have deliberately set out to be a sugar baby by signing on to one of the myriad of well-known sugar baby dating sites. She may have, in fact, been seen by or introduced to the older man in the course of everyday life, a chance meeting or through some other means; a large age gap between the sugar baby and sugar daddy is typical but not mandatory.

We're sure you know some celebrity sugar babies, some of whom may not altogether agree that they fit the bill, but who do appear to meet the necessary criteria we've just outlined!

Well, for a start, there's Melanie Hamrick who's just had a child with Mick Jagger, the 70+ years old founder and front man of the iconic rock band Rolling Stones. Then, not far behind, is Sally Humphreys, 38 year old wife of Jagger's bandmate Ronnie Wood, 69, with the couple recently becoming parents to twin girls.

Next up we have Penny Lancaster, model and photographer, and the wife of British singer Rod Stewart and 27 years younger than him; followed by Guy Ritchie who is a renowned screenwriter and filmmaker and was formerly married to Madonna - the pop star some 10 years older than him. However, his new sugar baby Jacqui Ainsley is considerably younger than him!

Then, perhaps, the most famous sugar baby of the moment, Melania Trump, wife of US President, Donald Trump and some 24 years his junior.

To many attractive women, being a sugar baby is a state of mind. For such babies, it's all about knowing how valuable their looks and company are, and providing companionship and more to their sugar daddies. Yet, obviously, not all sugar babies end up as celebrities but, for aspiring sugar babies, the key advice to succeed in having a good relationship with a sugar daddy is: don't forget to take very good care of your sugar daddy!

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