5 Types of Sugar Babies

To many people, sugar babies are a new phenomenon. To others who do know at least something about them, they consider that they are all the same: namely, young, very attractive women looking for an older wealthy man (or sugar daddy) to take care of them financially - and all in return for an arrangement which involves various degrees of physical activity...

Yet we can categorically say: No, sugar babies are not all the same and, yes, there are, in fact, many different types of young women who become sugar babies - all with quite different reasons and objectives.

Sugar Baby Types

The top 5 types of sugar baby? Easy, we have the sugar baby who:

is a student at university

It’s tough being a student these days; tuition fees seem to be ever increasing and the cost of accommodation and general living, especially at the bigger city universities, is high. So how can a young attractive student earn some extra money to pay her way through university... become a sugar baby to a rich, older sugar daddy is certainly one way - and often one of the most lucrative!

has recently graduated

Getting a degree doesn’t, unfortunately, for many fresh graduates mean they quickly get a job after university. Plus, with many professions nowadays requiring that a period of time be served, maybe 1-2 years, in order to become professionally accredited, it may be that young women spend the first few years of a career on relatively low pay. So, how does a young woman just getting started in her career make ends meet money wise? Well, one option is to supplement her income by becoming, yes you guessed it, a sugar baby to a well-to-do sugar daddy!

was in a modelling or acting career

There are a number of very attractive women who may not have pursued an academic qualification partly due to their exceptional looks. In their mid to late teens or early twenties they forewent tertiary education to follow their dream and undertake a modelling or acting career - only to find that by the time they were 25 or 26, whilst their good looks and great figure were still there, they were being usurped by younger, prettier, fresher models. So, what do some of these still very attractive women do to support themselves: become a sugar baby!

does sugaring part timer to supplement income

A high proportion of all sugar babies are actually gainfully employed in their chosen career or a job which pays for their general living expenses. Yet, everyone loves to make some extra cash for those special things that you really want - maybe a new car or an overseas holiday. So what better than to moonlight as a sugar baby to a rich older man, or men? Improve your financial status whilst you still have the looks and the ability to attract a sugar daddy...

is a professional socialite with no other means of support

Rounding off our top five is the professional sugar baby; maybe a socialite who loves to go to parties and functions and events, who needs to be seen out on the town - yet with no career and no tangible means of financial support. A rich sugar daddy who appreciates her, maybe over the longer term, is just what she wants - and often what she gets! Even though she may be into her mid-30s, she’s attractive, elegant and can be sophisticated when she wants - an ideal sugar baby for the discerning sugar daddy!

These are the top 5 most common types of sugar babies around (we’re sure you can identify more...) and, if you think hard enough, it’s likely that you will have met more than one type of them before...

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